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Tibetan Prayer Flags 35cm


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Tibetan Prayer Flags 35cm X 35cm Cotton Prayer Flags


Tibetan Prayer Flags

35cm X 35cm

Cotton Prayer Flags

The Lungta or Windhorse Prayer Flags Carry Prayers to The Universe

The Tibetan word for prayer flag is Dar Cho. "Dar" means to increase life, fortune, health and wealth. "Cho" means all sentient beings. Prayer Flags are simple flags from the Nepalese culture, when hung with intent lovingly, carry ones prayers throughout the world and universe. They blow gently with the energy of the wind and quietly harmonise the environment, thought to dispel danger, bringing good fortune, peace, and impartially increasing happiness among all living beings.

The five flag colours represent:

Blue - Earth

White - Water

Red - Fire

Saffron - Infinite Space

Green - Cosmic Winds

They are traditionally hung outside, although it is not bad luck to hang them breezes blow indoors too with doors and windows open, and the sight of the flags uplift ones spirit remembering their intent.