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About Us

Welcome to Treasures

About Us

Hello Treasures

Our treasured business has evolved over 18 years, and it is with sadness that we have now closed our Bricks ‘n Mortar store... Our focus is Now on sharing our love ‘Worldwide‘ via our Website, and getting out & about to markets and events, and being creative in many more ways. We therefore thank all who shopped for, and supported our Treasures over this time, we send you an abundance of Gratitude.


It all began back in March 2001 with the laying of a dream, while the ‘cock-A-doodle-DOOOOO’ of the world continued all around...we hatched our beautiful store of thousands of Treasures, colour, creativity and JOY!


An emporium of culture, eras and colour, Classic Treasures is pure abundance, and a seek & find of inspiration, and 1000’s of Treasures in a modern day Aladdin’s Cave! Seek & find Treasures for you, loved ones, your home and for friends  :)


Now thriving, tinkering around to find lovely, practical & inspiring materialistic joy for all! We do not follow trends at the expense of our patrons. What is “in” should come from within, and if YOU like something – that is what counts. No plots, plans, or schemes, only the dreams of beauty at Classic Treasures has carried it through into our 17th Christmas-time!


Abounding in eclectic thingies, jewels, colour, books, fragrance, bags, magical, wool, sounds, crystals, tactility, collectables, stashed, décor, taste, gifts, quirky, incense, diverse. . .

Passionately collecting over the years, some of our favourite things are in books, wools, musics, and some of what we have termed as Oddments !


Remember. . .making little discoveries of your own each and every day means that you contribute to the inter-connectedness between us all. The word of mouth enthusiasm for life of like-minded Classic People like you, helps to keep Our World Beautiful :)


A welcoming land of care, joy and intent, our minuscule Classic World created in this big universe of ours, hopes to happify your technology experience & ‘shop with love’.


One day at a time, it is our passion to contribute our Love & Joy & Care.


We sincerely hope that you have Fun Discovering, and have a most Delight Full Treasured Experience!


We wish you all great health, wisdom, love, prosperity in all ways, and all things peace full. May you stay tuned to immerse yourself in inspiration and awareness, and remember often of your ability to evolve in this, your one life :)


This world belongs to   E V E R Y   B O D Y


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